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All the articles and paragraphs are strictly protected by privacy act and creation act. our creation team majorly from China, EU and US. So any kind of duplicate, re-signatures, re-creation and forward using other name without notification is prohibited.

We are open-minded for discussion and reference, secondary creation. But all these should be under the authorize from the Empire of Ideology author. Please send email to us though [email protected] for cooperation details.

The non-profit, social beneficial projects or academical discussion are highly possible to acquire free authorization from Empire of Ideology. As you won't find any payment button from our website, we are not come for money generating. Its more about respect and legal issues.

If you find out our content is useful and inspiring for your creation in other form of literature, graphic art or multi-media art. We would appreciate you contacting us without hesitation to pushing further cooperation. We could either provide helps for free or join profit projects as content creators. In one words, benefiting others, benefiting ourselves and benefiting the world.