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20 OCT 2020 maintaining notes

Almost by the end of the year, I am concentrate back again and start to writing something. As said previously, my new articles should be write in English. The reason is the psychological industry and culture development in Chinese world is very complex and I don't want to be tagged by some negative signs.

This time, I decided go with wordpress and this site will be use permanently as Empire of Ideology exist. Maybe in the future I will consider make it a offline site runs in my home server. For now, I prepared 4 different membership: entrance, member, patron and brotherhood. Detailed description can be found in the main menu of the site.

Though the year 2020, the world and its people rolling on a boat flowing though a flatulate period of human history. For myself, the things can't be better in a way. I sort of got a feeling that maybe because I was been a bit repressed by the tendency, this year I got less power pushing on me. So this year I am gaining more, both in money and understanding.

However, I wrote nothing this year. Since The Grand Warriors, I got the problem of incompletion of my plan and the catalogue I wrote. This is bad. Also I got less time for creation.

So far this year I know the secret of the '8-word', I know the reason why I always well connected with the mysterious side. These are very inspiring and important.

Also, I had a very happy year. Hope all readers doing good and enjoy your day.

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