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感谢您的到访,您正在访问“Arche文集”,旧称“思想帝国”。请您注册账户并加入我们的讨论组。这是一个私有会员制形式的站点,我们鼓励参观者们一同加入到对荣格心理学,计算机科学,NLP的二次创作中。Typecho的用户注册功能已关闭,所以请发送邮件到[email protected]。我们将手动创建账户。讨论组中以参与程度不同,区分出四种会员:入门,会员,核心会员,兄弟会。具体详见下述内容。

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Welcome your visit! You have reach the Arche Collection, former name is Empire of Ideology. Please register an account for you. Empire of Ideology is a private club-like system. its more than a blog. we are looking forward the people with similar ideas and indeed in those area to join us as co-writers or participate our creation as volunteers to read the early-released articles.

The membership has 4 different levels:

Entrance 入门: default register user, can read a few articles of each sectors.

Member 会员: filling more information and join our discussion group chat, either in English or Chinese.

Patron 核心会员: entering as sponsors or has the interest or expertise in psychology, biology or other professional background, sponsoring or donation is not compulsory. New ideas and deep insight is even important for us. can access the insider information and pre-released articles and rising opinion and modification advice before the formal release.

Brotherhood 兄弟会: Participate the creation in a way either in writing some paragraphs or rising questions, inspect problems and advice before formal release. Brotherhood members will be required to join the regular meeting online or meetup. To discuss the creation and professional expertise, in order to empowering the creation.

The Typecho system registration is closed. So please email at [email protected] so that we can create account for you.

This membership system does has payment system but we are not going to do any charge at the moment.

We are expecting your voice.